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Registration is now open for the 2021 Summer Session as well as the 2021-2022 School Term Session!

All ages and abilities welcome. Summer session classes will be held on Mondays, July 12-August 16, 2021.

The 2021-2022 School Term Session begins the week of  October 4, 2021. Registration is open year-round.

We currently have openings in group piano, voice, drums, guitar, and ukulele

See below for a list of class offerings with descriptions, and register today!

Navigate to the Contact/Registration page  or call 509.280.5319. Find Student Info registration and auto-pay forms here).

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Our response to the COVID-19 health crisis:

Update for Summer 2021: We are fully open.


September 2020:

Per the Mead School District format, we will offer in-person attendance with a virtual attendance option.


See the 2019 Recital Videos on my YouTube channel:

The videos are “unlisted” so you must have a link to access them, but it is perfectly fine to share that link with whomever you like.
Mother’s Day Voice Recital 4PM Group:
Mother’s Day Voice Recital 6PM Group:
2019 Instrument Recital 4PM Group:
2019 Instrument Recital 5:15PM Group:
2019 Instrument Recital 7:00PM Group:



Class Offerings:

Voice Classes:

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No previous experience necessary. We will cover the fundamentals of healthy vocal production, ear-training, pitch recognition, intervals, harmonization, microphone and performance technique, plus reading notation. Through carefully selected training repertoire as well as student-selected performance pieces, this important skill-building class is a great confidence building experience for the budding vocalist.

*Treble Voice Class (mixed: boys and girls ages 7-12)

*Ladies Voice Classes: (girls/women ages 13+)

*Men’s Voice Class (ages 13+ Pre-requisite: “changed” voice):

Guitar Classes:

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*Intro to Guitar Class:

Teacher: Marsha Schlangen

This is a 45-minute absolute beginners class. Must bring your own instrument.  We will cover the basics including tuning, guitar anatomy, fundamentals of playing, and TAB.


*Beginning Guitar Class:

Teacher: Marsha Schlangen

For those beginning students who have some experience. Continuing work on topics listed above plus power chords, barre chords, open position scales and chords (major and minor), and single-note patterns and fills. A variety of musical styles rock, folk, classical, country and more will familiarize the student with fretboard organization, chord patterns, and hand and finger positions.


*Intermediate Guitar Class:

Teachers: Marsha Schlangen and Lauri Withers

For students who have completed at least one year of instruction, and are comfortable with basic chord progressions, and reading TAB. Intermediate class will be learning to read and write notation, components of composition, covers, fills and riffs.

Ukulele 101 Class:

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Teacher: Marsha Schlangen

Have you always wanted to learn to play ukulele? Here’s your chance! Come join the “Ukulele 101” class at Voice Works Music Studio.

*Uke 1 (absolute beginner)

*Uke 2 (some experience)

This is a 45-minute class. Must bring your own instrument. Go to the Contact/Registration page today,  or call 509.280.5319. You can use the convenient auto-pay method (see resource page for registration and auto-pay forms here).

Bucket Jam Boot Camp:

Click here to register for Bucket Jam Boot Camp!


Come and rock out on some buckets in a low key, casual environment. No experience is needed. Drummers and non-drummers are invited to learn some jams with us mostly by ear and have a great time getting out some creative energy!
All ages and abilities welcome. Buckets and sticks will be provided.

Go to the Contact/Registration page today,  or call 509.280.5319.


Click here to register for Drum Classes!

Teacher: Marsha Schlangen

Basics of drumming from how to hold your sticks, technique, setting up your kit, changing drum heads, rhythmic reading, time keeping in different styles, and chart reading; this course will help you understand how to play drums, communicate with other musicians in rehearsals, and play “collaboratively”. We will cover rudiments, grooves, styles, fills, endings, as well as reading percussion clef and interpreting drum scores.


Group Piano Classes (all ages):

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We have several level options:


*Keyboard Kickoff 1 (Early Beginner ages 6-12)


*Keyboard Kickoff 2 (Intermediate Beginner ages 6-12)

Sample material pages from the Piano Pronto Keyboard Kickoff book:


*Prelude: Beginners (all ages)

Sample pages from the Piano Pronto Prelude book:


*Movement 1: (Early Intermediate – all ages)

Sample pages from the Piano Pronto Movement 1 book:



*Note that the Piano Pronto method is a similar scope and sequence to the Faber Method book series. Each successive “Movement” book in the series advances similarly. 


Supplemental material for piano students (sample):